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Preventing Physician Burnout Now Available on Amazon

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Preventing Physician Burnout Now Available on Amazon

Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine, is now available on Amazon. You can order the paperback version here. In addition, the Kindle edition will be available in about two weeks.

My co-author, Diane Shannon, and I spent over a year researching this work, interviewing over 50 experts in health care, Lean, and burnout, many of whom are actively engaged in leading organizations or supporting physicians experiencing burnout.

Preventing Physician Burnout has three sections:

  1. An introduction to burnout – what it is, how it manifests, and its impact on physicians, patients, and the health care system
  2. An in-depth review of why burnout happens, digging deep into each of the drivers of physician burnout.  We give special attention to the impact of the EHR and of leadership
  3. Recommendations for what to do to reduce the incidence of physician burnout. These include wellness programs, leadership examples from other health care organizations, and an explanation of how Lean done right reduces the drivers of burnout. In conclusion, we provide an action plan for leaders, board members, and physicians.

Diane and I firmly believe that the root cause of burnout is not a failure of the individual physician. Instead, burnout results from physicians struggling to provide quality patient care in hospitals and clinics full of broken workflow processes. Knowing this, we can reduce burnout by taking a new approach to leadership and management. Such an approach is based on the Lean principle of Respect for People. Following this approach develops a new relationship between physicians and the leaders of health care provider organizations.

Are you a practicing physician who is experiencing burnout? Or are you a leader who is concerned about preventing physician burnout in your organization? If so, you will gain a new understanding of burnout and learn what you can do about it.


Looking to the Future

Burnout now  affects over half of practicing physicians.  Along with the growing incidence of physician burnout, new articles appear almost every week. Diane and I hope that Preventing Physician Burnout will serve as a base upon which we can build a community of researchers, coaches, physicians, and leaders committed to curing the chaos in our care processes and returning joy to the practice of medicine.

Will you join us?