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Paul DeChant MD

Help for Healthcare Leaders

Empower and Align
Your People

Paul DeChant MD, MBA
Speaker | Coach
Author of Preventing Physician Burnout

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  Rebuild Your Workforce, Grow Your Bottom Line

Are you feeling the frustrations of:

  • Turnover and staffing shortages?

  • Growing expenses decreasing your operating margins?

  • Competitors threatening your market share ?

  • Strained relationships with your frontline clinicians?

Imagine your organization filled with:

  • Empowered Clinicians

  • Deeply engaged in work they love

  • Committed to your strategic initiatives

  • Supporting success across your entire enterprise

huddle board.jpg

What impact would that have on....

  • staff shortages

  • clinician disengagement,

  • patient frustrations,

  • quality and safety issues, and

  • financial margins?

How much more effectively could you compete in your marketplace?

Leadership is the most important factor in achieving change to meet today’s extraordinary challenges.


You can beat burnout and

build your bottom line.


It all depends on you, and

how you choose to lead.

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"Dr. DeChant was the fire-starter for our system’s culture change in prioritizing physician and provider wellbeing work when he spoke with our system executive leadership in 2018, including me. His compelling message moved us to prioritize it, get organized around it, and ultimately identify the systematic ways we could improve it. While many hands have been on the work since then, and the work is not done, Dr. DeChant’s vision got us moving down the path."


Dr. Jim Souza, Chief Physician Executive for the St. Luke’s Health System

Paul DeChant MD, MBA Preventing Physican Burnout

Uniquely Qualified to Help You

Leverage the expertise of speaker, coach, and author, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA to support you in your efforts to reduce physician and staff burnout while improving performance across all key metrics. 


To learn more about Dr. DeChant, click here.

Photo credit: Scott R. Kline

"The care of the patient is the most important thing we do.
The key is to empower clinicians to redesign the care experience,
to remove the barriers to connecting with patients,
and to make every patient interaction a healing interaction."




Dr. Paul DeChant MD, MBA is a knowledgeable and dynamic event speaker who engages audiences all over the world.


Always prepared with relevant content, he also brings humor and a contagious passion for making a difference in the livelihoods of not just clinicians but all healthcare professionals and medical leaders.


“Dr. DeChant provided an outstanding evening keynote event and interactive discussion on burnout, attended by over 100 healthcare professionals from across our 9-county region. His national thought leadership and presentation style were uniformly well received and appreciated.”


Wayne C. Teris, MD, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer, Care Compass Network

Paul DeChant MD, MBA Preventing Physican Burnout


Dr. DeChant works one-on-one with healthcare executives and entire organizations to help get to the root cause of inefficiencies and physician burnout.


Dr. DeChant works with your organization to create new efficiencies and prevent physician and nurse stress along with burnout. 

“Dr. DeChant knows how to connect with both physicians and corporate leadership and is bilingual in their respective languages.”

Steve Reames, Executive Director of the Ada County Medical Society


Preventing Physician Burnout 

Curing the Chaos and Returning

Joy to the Practice of Medicine


by Paul DeChant, MD, MBA and

Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH


Foreword by Christina Maslach, Phd

Paul DeChant MD, MBA Preventing Physican Burnout
"The comprehensive case studies and physician interviews in this book clarify the symptoms, causes, and treatment for burnout. A must read for healthcare leaders."

John Toussant, MD, CEO, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

Paul DeChant MD, MBA Preventing Physican Burnout


Can we return joy to patient care and ensure financial viability for healthcare organizations?

Most people don’t think it’s possible. I do.


We've heard the statement “no margin, no mission.” However, consider if it read “no mission, no margin.” We need to pursue both to be effective.


Based on Dr. DeChant's 30 years of patient care and operational leadership experience, as well as executive coaching health systems leaders and writing Preventing Physician Burnout, he has determined that a five-step plan is necessary to cure what ails failing systems and aids in Physician Wellness.

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“Dr. Paul DeChant’s mentorship has been a game-changer for me, significantly leveling up my effectiveness as both a physician leader and a social impact entrepreneur. His wisdom and direction have been critical to my journey.”


Gabe Charbonneau, MD, Co-Founder of Medicine Forward

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