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Testimonials - Dr. Paul DeChant

"Dr. DeChant provides a safe space to discuss burnout openly and provides the solutions to resolve the drivers of burnout creating real organizational change.  Burnout is the most significant concern for healthcare, yet we have either been afraid to talk about it or have created conversations that lead to blame and shame.  Dr. DeChant provided the research, experience and authority to work effectively with the physician leaders while generously supporting the Organizational Effectiveness team.  With his support, we are on the way to organizational health."

- Patricia Salwei, Leadership & Organization Effectiveness Consultant

"Dr. DeChant is one of the nation's foremost authorities on physician burnout. His presentation was highly informative and at the same time engaging. He highlights the issues contributing to #physicianburnout and suggests practical and easily implemented solutions. It has been a privilege to work with him and Bruce D. Cummings, MPH, LFACHE as part of the Greater New York Hospital Association Burnout Collaborative."

- David Berger, MD, MBA, CEO of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn

"Dr. DeChant was a terrific presenter. He has a gentle but knowledgeable approach, passion for the topic, and commitment to educating his audience.

We would definitely have Dr. DeChant back again!"

Cher Knebel, Kareo EHR

"Paul provides a new and actionable approach to the challenge of burnout with an engaging presentation style that resonates with staff."

Mohamed Rami Nakeshbandi, MD, MHA, FACP, Chief Quality Officer, University Hospital at SUNY Downstate

"Dr DeChant is an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from. He was very responsive right from the start, setting realistic expectations and the actual visit was very helpful . He spent a full day at the hospital, meeting with physicians, nursing leaders and admin and his insight and his presentations were on-point and incredibly useful. We hope to implement many of his ideas over the next year.” 

- Nikita Gill, MD, Chief of Staff, Mercy Medical Center, Redding

"Doctor DeChant has developed solid strategies to tether the pursuit of daily improvement and bringing joy back to the practice of medicine.  I have first-hand knowledge of his courage as an executive leader, coach and mentor and am confident he will be an effective advisor to senior leaders looking to build organizational resilience and transform their management system and culture."

- Katherine T Manuel, MA Organizational Management, former Chief Operating Officer Sutter Gould Medical Foundation

"Dr. DeChant led an engaging talk with our community of clinical educators. He is truly an expert in physician burnout and well-being, and connects so authentically with his audience – a rare combination of qualities."

- Robyn Scatena, MD, Executive Director, Nuvance Health Patricia A. Tietjen Teaching Academy

"Paul's exceptional, and smoothly delivered organizational resiliency presentation led to an engaging team discussion.   I especially valued his ability to effectively communicate the connections among organizational culture, lean process improvement and organizational resiliency.  Thank you Paul!"

- Dennis Hansen, PT, MBA, RESTORE Team, CU Anschutz School of Medicine

"Dr. DeChant has the authentic capacity to quickly get to the heart of the matter regarding the value of meaningful connections to our patients, our communities, our relationships and our personal calling in medicine."

- Kim Schwartz, MA, CEO, Roanoke Community Health Center, FQHC

"Dr. DeChant is a talented, humble and authentic leader. He has the unique ability to listen and translate complex, challenging issues and opportunities into something that is simple, understandable and actionable. He is an amazing coach and mentor.”

- Samuel Santoro, DO, President/CEO, Sutter East Bay Medical Group

“Dr. DeChant provided an outstanding evening keynote event and interactive discussion on burnout, attended by over 100 healthcare professionals from across our 9-county region. His national thought leadership and presentation style were uniformly well received and appreciated.”

- Wayne C. Teris, MD, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer, Care Compass Network

"After a short time with Dr. DeChant, it was easy to see where our systems had eroded over time. We need our physicians working at peak performance.
The 5-Step Process got us there."

“Dr. DeChant knows how to connect with both physicians and corporate leadership and is bilingual in their respective languages.”

Steve Reames, Executive Director of the Ada County Medical Society

"DeChant and Shannon provide a no-nonsense, plain language explanation for the root causes of the international challenge of physician burnout and recommend practical steps to reduce burnout's drivers."

- Paul Grundy, MD, MPH, Global Director of Healthcare Transformation, IBM

"The comprehensive case studies and physician interviews in this book clarify the symptoms, causes, and treatment for burnout. A must read for healthcare leaders."

- John Toussant, MD, CEO, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

"One of the most practical books I have read regarding physician and overall healthcare organization efficiency."

- David K. Butler, MD, VP of Information Services, EHR Optimization and Transformation, Sutter Health

From the outset, Dr. DeChant exhibited a rare combination of vision, passion, and strategic thinking that set the foundation for the creation of the Bay Area Physician Wellness Collaborative. His ability to navigate through complexities and inspire a shared sense of purpose among participants was truly remarkable.​

- Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association

"Dr. DeChant developed and led the Bay Area Physician Wellness Collaborative that not only provided participants with valuable skills and knowledge, but also instilled a sense of confidence and motivation to lead effectively in their practices."

- Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association

“Dr. Paul DeChant’s mentorship has been a game-changer for me, significantly leveling up my effectiveness as both a physician leader and a social impact entrepreneur. His wisdom and direction have been critical to my journey.”

- Gabe Charbonneau, MD, Co-Founder of Medicine Forward.

"Paul DeChant is a master of many trades - an author, a deep thinker, a skilled educator and group facilitator. He has deep experience in leadership within the healthcare industry. 

As a physician, researcher and scientist, he knows the dark world of physician burnout as few others do, AND Paul is deeply engaged in promoting tangible solutions and remedies to bring about wellness and joy in medical practices."

- Daniel Stoltzfus MD FCCM (fellow American College of Critical Care Medicine)

"Dr. DeChant was the fire-starter for our system’s culture change in prioritizing physician and provider wellbeing work when he spoke with our system executive leadership in 2018, including me. His compelling message moved us to prioritize it, get organized around it, and ultimately identify the systematic ways we could improve it. While many hands have been on the work since then, and the work is not done, Dr. DeChant’s vision got us moving down the path."

Dr. Jim Souza, Chief Physician Executive for the St. Luke’s Health System

"I am profoundly grateful for Dr. DeChant and his commitment to improving the quality of physicians' lives. While widely known and revered for his resolve to prevent physician burnout, I personally appreciate Dr. DeChant’s willingness to share his time and wisdom with me, as I strive to serve physicians and their families in the best manner possible. Through his warm introductions and generous guidance, Dr. DeChant has allowed me to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact than I would have been able to do on my own. Thank you, Dr. DeChant, for all that you have done, and continue to do, for our healthcare system’s unsung heroes."

Linda M. Bollé, PsyD

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